Education & Field Trips

We offer a variety of activities for any groups that would like to visit Old Swedes for education programs. For more information or to schedule a tour, please call Jane Conlon, Education & Visitor Services Coordinator at (302) 652-5629 or email

Our site can accomodate up to 75 students at $5 per student. Extra fees may apply. We can customize your trip to meet your needs and ours. Please pair your students up before you arrive at our site. Our site is not handicapped accessible.

Pick 3 stations that fit your curriculum:

Station 1: 18th Century Craft Making & Games

  • Making butter
  • Writing with quill and ink
  • Make a pocket or make a whirligig
  • Nine pins
  • Hoops
  • Quoits

Pick two crafts. Students can play games as they finish their craft. Butter making will be served (from a 21st century mixer) at lunch with homemade bread. Extra fee applies.

Station 2: Archeological Excavation

  • Students become archeologists.
  • Learn what archeologists do and why.
  • Hands-on activity: excavate, artifact-processing, analysis.

For groups of no more than 30. Extra fees apply.

Station 3: Hendrickson House: A Child’s Life in the 18th Century

  • Led by a costumed history-maker.
  • Artifacts revealed from treasure chest.
  • Chores, sleeping arrangements, clothing, cooking, suppertime.
  • How do historians learn about the past?

Station 4: Church Scavenger Hunt: Discover the Story of Old Swedes

  • Work in pairs — hands-on activity engaging reading, writing, and speaking to discover the story of Old Swedes.

Station 5: Voices of the Past (cemetery)

  • Learn about people buried in the graveyard.

Station 6: Genealogy

  • Students examine original translated records of births, deaths, marriages, and burials to learn about genealogical research.